Europa: A Thousand Years of Oil
Light River Books
ISBN 978-0-9944364-4-3

As global oil reserves finally dry up and rising ocean levels flood coastal areas, oil companies continue to deny evidence of global warming and set their sights on off-world sources of carbon fuels. Their target? Jupiter's water-rich moon, Europa.

Only one thing stands between Big Oil and Europa's rich energy reserves: the moon may contain life, and the presence of even microorganisms would ban resource harvesting under international space law.

A manned mission plans to scout the moon for life and, if none exists, claim it for the United States. But powerful interests have embedded operatives in the crew, with orders to ensure that life on Europa—if it exists—doesn't stand in the way of energy extraction.

A thrilling mix of Jules Verne and An Inconvenient Truth, Europa offers a glimpse of the upcoming energy crisis and the steps humanity must take to survive its addiction to carbon fuels.

"IndieReader Approved. Fans of sci-fi novels will enjoy JJ's EUROPA, a fast-paced thriller set on one of Jupiter's moons....Plenty of high-stakes scenes are included.... EUROPA offers a fun read for sci-fi devotees." IndieReader

"...well-written story of what could be a possible future with suspense and intrigue on almost every page. The cast of characters is diverse and their interaction sets the stage for much of the action." Paul Johnson for Readers' Favorite

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