Live Forever: Human Gods Book 1
Light River Books
ISBN 978-0-9944364-6-7

Human Gods, Dark Matter, Galactic Love. Everything is possible...when people become God.

Chris Mathews puts his life on hold in the eighth millennium and leaves behind his wife Leanne to join Professor Andrew Reichstein and Hailey Missentra on a ride to a slipstream at the edge of a black hole. They plan exiting the stream a few seconds into the future to prove that time "emergence" is possible. However, they emerge into a time beyond their reckoning and find their worlds changed forever. Chris, in particular, must decide whether to travel even farther into the future, into an infinite future, when humanity becomes God, and seek the missing information that will bring his wife Leanne back to him. And what will this mean to his friends and their survival?

"5 stars! I can honestly say J.J.'s vision of the future is unique. The science and ideas are very big but he pulls it all together to create a great story." Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

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