Ancient: Human Gods Book 2
Light River Books
ISBN 978-0-9803229-7-2

We grow from childhood to adulthood to old age and to death. And so it goes for the evolution of humankind.

On the planet with the old twin Suns, Samarium, whose inhabitants have long forgotten their planetary origins, and who remain cut off from other colonized planets, humankind faces its twilight years, with genetic mutation impeding evolution, rather than refreshing it.

One boy, Anchie Rantree, carries a rare genetic code that has the potential to rejuvenate the gene pool, and pull it back from the brink of viral suffocation. But he does not care to save the human race, or himself, not until he meets the deeply flawed, famously successful, and painfully beautiful literary celebrity, Krisiana, who has herself succumbed to deathly viral infection.

"A five star novel that should be in your library! A good science fiction that grips you and entertains you throughout. Really enjoyed it. A thrillingly scary novel." Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite.

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