Name Thief
Off Grid Lit

What happens when social media becomes social reality?

Something very, very odd happens!

"Social media is everywhere; it knows everything; it knows what you think. It gives and’s giving you something now. Social media is social reality."

With these words Penelope urges her friend Teddy Vroom to embrace the world – as it invades his life!

Teddy and his art class friends pass their small town lives quietly until startup entrepreneur George loads their paintings onto the net. Then Teddy’s “Wondrous Brook” catches the world’s attention after someone with the same name accuses him of stealing it for the piece.

With pop artists, clothing corporations, and a devious art dealer named Slim Shine wanting a part of the action, the world crowds Teddy and his dog Eliza, first in his inbox, and then in his front yard.

Join Teddy and Eliza and their friends Penelope and George, along with the group’s not so trustworthy legal advisor, Dan Whitewash, as they battle what was always there, but not always on their doorstep.

Laugh or cry, worlds will never be the same again now that social media has become social reality.

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